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Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

BXR has found the perfect destination for its one-week transformational programme, designed to help you achieve noticeable results within a short period of time. These results will not only be long lasting; but will boost your self-esteem, improve your health and also your stamina.

This 6-night escape encompasses the best of both worlds. Whilst enjoying the 5-star luxury amenities of one of the most beautiful resorts in Crete, you will be trained by the UK’s top coaches, boasting unparalleled expertise.

BXR Retreats

Stunning Destination

Nested on a hillside overlooking its own private bay on the North-East part of Crete; Daios Cove Luxury Resort boasts 165 private sea-water pools, a state-of-the-art 2,500-m² spa and luxurious rooms with spectacular views of the cove and Mirabello Bay.

Located within a 45 minute transfer from Heraklion airport, the resort offers six dining venues and bars, from The Beach House and Ocean Restaurant and Bar to the Crystal Box and Pangea.

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BXR Retreats

The Programme

Our BXR strength and conditioning and boxing teams have carefully curated a specialised programme for the BXR retreat. Staying true to our principles, we have built a functional training space onsite at Daios Cove.

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BXR Retreats

Healthy & Nutritious Meals

In association with the Daios Cove Luxury Spa and well-being team, we have created a bespoke nutrition plan that includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies.

BXR believes in wholesome food designed to compliment your fitness and promote a healthy week of nutritious foods. Samples of the menus can be viewed before the trip and are available upon request.

BXR Retreats

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

Daily Programme

Our specialised programme is designed to push you to your limits and challenge your fitness.


Early Morning Workout

  • 07:00am - 08:00am
  • Cardio Games - Beach Workout
  • Off Campus - Walk / Jog / Run
  • Cardio Games - Tennis Court
  • Sunrise Yoga & Mobility - Helipad
  • 08:00am - 09:00am
  • Breakfast
  • 09:30am - 10:15am
  • Boxing Skills
  • BXR Functional Training Area
  • 10:30am
  • Protein Shake/Snack
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • BXR Strength & Conditioning
  • BXR Functional Training Area


Lunch & Poolside Relax

  • 12:30pm - 13:30pm
  • Lunch & Poolside Relax
  • 14:00pm - 16:00pm
  • BXR Active Calories:
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Pool Chill & Swim
  • 16:30pm
  • Protein Shake/Snack


Evening Workouts & Recovery

  • 17:00pm - 19:00pm
  • Workouts & Recovery:
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Off Campus - Jog / Run
  • Yoga & Mobility
  • Massages
  • 19:30pm
  • Dinner
  • 21:30pm
  • Drinks & Chill

Dates & Rates

12th - 18th May & 19th - 25th May

All rooms offer a deluxe sea view and are based on a 6-night stay.

    Early Bird Price: (Available until 31/12/21)
  • Single occupancy (single adult, own room) – £2,700
  • Single occupancy (single adult, with private pool) – £2,950
  • Double occupancy (two adults sharing) - £3,700 (£1,850 per person)
  • Double occupancy (two adults sharing, with private pool) - £4,000
    (£2,000 per person)

    Standard Price:
  • Single occupancy (single adult, own room) – £3,000
  • Single occupancy (single adult, with private pool) – £3,250
  • Double occupancy (two adults sharing) - £4,000 (£2,000 per person)
  • Double occupancy (two adults sharing, with private pool) - £4,300
    (£2,150 per person)

    Last Minute Request: (Subject to availablity from 01/04/22)
  • Single occupancy (single adult, own room) – £3,300
  • Single occupancy (single adult, with private pool) – £3,550
  • Double occupancy (two adults sharing) - £4,300 (£2,150 per person)
  • Double occupancy (two adults sharing, with private pool) - £4,700
    (£2,350 per person)

Alternatively, the retreat offers a 4-night stay. Please email for pricing.

BXR Retreats

What's Included

Our BXR Retreat package includes:

  • 6 nights’ accommodation at the 5-star Daios Cove Luxury Resort in Crete.
  • Balanced nutritional meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, protein and healthy snacks.
  • 6 full days of BXR programming.
  • BXR Active Calories – fun retreat activities including hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, pool chill and swim.
  • Scheduled airport transfer.
  • More activities are available for an additional fee upon request - These include water sports, diving and spa treatments.

**Please note: Flights and spa treatments are not included.**

BXR Retreats

BXR Training Gallery


If you have any questions about the trip that we haven't included here, please contact us for further information at:

No... the flights are not included in the retreat package, however we will be sourcing the most cost and time efficient flights to book.
Yes... there will be an airport transfer allocated on both the day of arrival and the day of departure. However If you are unable to make the appointed transfer times, kindly let us know and we can arrange accordingly. (Separate transfers will incur a cost)
We touch down at Heraklion International which is an estimated 45 minute transfer from Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas.
No... it is not mandatory to take part in all the workouts, however in order to maximise your experience, we encourage you to join the variations of daily activities we have curated for you.
At sunrise we will host Vinyasa Flow, an energetic way to start your day. In the evening we will host Sunset Yin, a restorative practice to help unwind and rejuvenate.
Yes... Goco Spa Daios Cove provides an array of therapeutic treatments to compliment your daily activity.
Yes... once you are confirmed on the retreat we will contact you to retrieve any dietary requirements. Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and halal options are available. Gluten, dairy and nut allergies/intolerances can be catered for.
We will provide you with a list of BXR coaches who will be hosting your experience at Daios Cove when we have confirmation of their schedules.
In case of cancellation due to Covid restrictions that will not allow you to travel, we will assist you in modifying your reservations for a future date in 2022.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga where poses are completed through transitions to form one fluid sequence of movement. The classes are often energetic, with a focus on connecting the movements with the timing of the breath.

Vinyasa means to move with the breath and is a style of yoga that focuses on transitions and movements, with less time spent in static poses. Unlike other styles of yoga like Sunset Yin, Vinyasa Flow does not have a set sequence of poses to complete.

Our Sunrise Vinyasa Flow yoga will prepare you for your challenging and fun fitness day ahead of you.

Sunset Yin

Sunset Yin is a restorative style of yoga where the poses are practiced either lying down or seated on the floor. Poses are held for longer periods of time, it has a slower pace, there is no flow and no quick transitions between poses.

This will allow your body to fully relax into each pose, releasing tension from the body. This will allow the connective tissue around your muscles, tendons and ligaments to slowly release, improving flexibility and circulation. Sunset Yin is the ideal end to an active day as it focuses more on meditation and rejuvenation.

Our Sunset Yin yoga will help you unwind and relax after a full-on day of fitness activities.


To reserve a place on our priority contact list,
please call or email us.

+44 (0)20 3146